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Addressing the major trends of the digitalisation of the industry with SCUTUM’s digital platform Eridan

The smart security platform manages hundreds of thousands of data received every day from multiple processes

The treatment of these data by SCUTUM’s digital technicians enables a fast response to the information received. Responsible for digital maintenance and customer helpdesk, operators liaise directly with mobile technicians when on-site visits are required, while, should an event be reported, they can alert quickly and cooperate with the local authorities.

SCUTUM’s certified alarm and assistance monitoring centres are responsible for monitoring, detecting, and isolating incidents, as well as managing and maintaining customers’ security systems, seven days a week, 24 hours per day.

  • Enables to address new trends such as the shift towards digitalised monitoring systems, IP convergence and Cloud-based service management
  • Data from intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control with infrared cameras, audio broadcast and flash code monitoring received and analysed
  • Four certified monitoring centres in France (Rouen, Toulouse and Rennes) and in the United Kingdom (Harlow)


Remote maintenance operations and actions on customers' intrusion & video systems

SCUTUM’s digital services, powered by SCUTUM’s platform ERIDAN, enable to monitor all customers’ equipment, as well as archive all actions.

SCUTUM Availability Management (SAM) enables to alert automatically, in case of equipment failure or malfunction, all people concerned, and to launch rapidly the action crisis management plan, should there be alerts threatening sites’ security.

This enables a faster and more efficient intervention, as data received by the monitoring centers can guide and assist field technicians during service interventions.

The platform lists and archives all the actions made on a site and / or on a transmitter, and then makes them available on, SCUTUM’s secure extranet.

  • Monitoring solution for security equipment and solutions installed on customers’ sites
  • SCUTUM Availability Management is operated via Internet or mobile networks from SCUTUM’s APSAD 3 certified datacenters.
  • All data available in real-time, 24/7, on


Ensuring a fast response, relying on a trusted ecosystem

Responsible for managing mobile security patrols, SCUTUM’s SOC ensures a rapid and efficient response whenever there is an alert.

In case of an alert, the SOC dispatches a patrol to the customer’s site where the patrol is in constant contact with the SOC for a real-time communication of information. Once onsite, the patrol signals its presence by flash code, then follows the determined procedure, patrolling indoors and outdoors, checking lights on the different floors.

Working with the patrol, the SOC checks all access points to confirm that site is secure. The SOC managing the entire process, the patrol does not leave the site without its final approval.

  • A key element of SCUTUM’s digital offering
  • Over 250 trusted local partners, all certified by SCUTUM, over 2,000 offices
  • All data and a final report are made available on SCUTUM’s extranet,


Easing the transition from analogue to IP

With CCTV, access control technology shifting from analogue-based systems to new internet protocol (IP) based systems, SCUTUM accompanies organisations that are considering the benefits that IP-based products can bring them.

SCUTUM works with customers to ease the transition from analogue to IP, so that they can take a proactive and systematic approach to moving to IP and immediately enjoy the security and operational advantages IP brings, such as seamless integration of security systems.

The high standard IP products supplied by SCUTUM enable to increase an organisation’s readiness to respond to any incidents or threats.

  • A transition made easy with the support of SCUTUM’s IP team
  • Products include IP cameras, IP access control systems

Providing real time access to security data

With threats continuously evolving, customers need a full and real-time understanding of their security and how ready they are, should there be an alert.

SCUTUM’s extranet, gives customers a complete, real-time and multi-site overview of the security solutions implemented by SCUTUM and any measures taken in case of an alert. Customers get real time access to security data, including details on alerts, measures taken, details of any intervention.

SCUTUM also offers to remotely test sites that are monitored and protected by SCUTUM, as any equipment failure would be detrimental to the security of the sites. The results are these tests are also posted on the extranet. is the assurance of the optimal protection of customers’ sites.

  • The assurance of a real-time overview of their security infrastructure
  • Detailed reports and all data available on a secure and dedicated extranet
  • The opportunity to discuss with SCUTUM any change to the existing security solutions and services


Ensuring that no potentially crucial data is lost

Cloud-managed solutions ensure no video or image that could contain crucial element is lost.

Video and image can contain crucial elements to establish facts and understand any event, and should be securely archived. These video data are important to check any alert and help with a suspect’s recognition by providing information such as height, clothes colour, and any other features of interest when searching for someone. ERIDAN saves this data relying on could-managed solutions.

ERIDAN also enables searches and comparisons across several customers’ sites, cross checking multiple sites for individuals posing a threat and informing customers, should these individuals be identified at another site.

These recorded images are also crucial for police investigations and it is therefore important not to lose them. SCUTUM cooperates with police forces and ensures that they get access to all data, if necessary, and get informed, should an individual be identified at one of the sites monitored by SCUTUM.

  • Data enables cross checking across multiple sites for enhanced risk prevention
  • Recorded video and image can also be crucial to the result of an investigation
  • ERIDAN is the assurance of all data from cameras are stocked and secured

Digital Offerings

The digitisation of society is changing the way people work, transact, interact, generating every day new opportunities. Organisations have to adapt and operate differently to keep their competitiveness. Digitisation is also impacting how companies, infrastructure, people and data are protected.

SCUTUM is investing in technologies to respond to this growing needs and provide customers an optimal digital offering.