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Implement new solutions

Monitoring, understanding, anticipating vulnerabilities and threats

From consulting, architecture design, integration to the development of security solutions and video monitoring, SCUTUM provides all-in-one customised solutions.

SCUTUM’s consulting team provides an in-depth analytical service for a precise identification of threats and vulnerabilities - prior, during and after any event. After providing an action plan that includes site mapping, security systems’ technical architecture, detailed response plan, the team recommends new technology and remote monitoring solutions, adapted to the risk level identified. The team’s in-depth understanding of customers’ sites is the guarantee of a fast response in case of an event, and has proved an invaluable contribution to police authorities.

Scutum’s R&D centres develop innovative security products and expert teams integrate them into security solutions offering maximum protection. Scutum provides all-in-one, bespoke solutions and advises on all aspects of architecture design, development and integration of security solutions and video monitoring.

  • Identification and in-depth analysis of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Detailed action plans discussed with customers
  • Recommendations of new technology and remote monitoring solutions, adapted to the identified risk level, and developed by SCUTUM International

Managed service contracts

Committed to high performance standards and highest levels of service

Service is a key element of SCUTUM’s strategy and the group continuously invests to guarantee the highest level of service.

Scutum’s service level agreements (SLAs) define the level of service, the problem reporting procedures and determine quality indicators including waiting time when calling the Alarm Receiving Centre, video extraction time and reporting frequency.

  • Continuous investments to guarantee the highest level of service
  • Innovative solutions enabling the real-time collection of data for product servicing, problem reporting and remote monitoring, for a fast and efficient response
  • Pan-European customer satisfaction program that monitors the level of service provided
  • Developed training programs for its engineers, to maximise the level of service provided

Ensure operational flexibility

Nothing should delay or stop the delivery of security services

Ensuring the protection of people, infrastructures, goods and data is a 24/7 activity that requires the creation of systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats.

SCUTUM’s business continuity and recovery plan relies on the group’s certified Alarm Receiving Centres to ensure that, whatever the circumstances, infrastructure, goods, people and data are remotely monitored at any time – and always protected. Also, SCUTUM’s Datacenters enables to detect any malfunction or unavailability of the systems and to launch immediately an alert to inform the customers and resolve the issue.

  • 3 certified Alarm Receiving Centres – Rouen and Toulouse in France and Harlow in the United Kingdom
  • All ARCs are backup of one another – to ensure that, whatever the circumstances, clients are always protected
  • SCUTUM’s Datacenters are located in its monitoring centres

Benefit from private public cooperation

Providing end-to-end security services supported by a trusted ecosystem

SCUTUM has developed privileged partnerships with local authorities and police forces that enables a fast and efficient response in the case of an event.

SCUTUM brings an in-depth understanding of customers’ sites, reported in an optimal format, to ensure a high level of protection and a fast response in case of an event.

  • A strong relationship based on trust that enables a strong response to any event
  • Tools developed to support and facilitate the local authorities’ work
  • A strong cooperation before, during and after an event

Secure Connected Enterprise

Solutions adaptable to specific vertical requirements and optimised in the SCUTUM architecture

Companies all have specific security needs shaped by their industry, the nature of their activity, their location.

InfoControl LuX enables the automation of companies’ security relying on a combination of video data, IT event and alarm reports from intrusion detectors, access control and CCTV systems onto a single screen via the cloud.

For remote industrial sites, SCUTUM provides operational remote monitoring solutions using thermal cameras that respond to the complex architectural configurations of these sites, their difficult environment and their very specific needs.

SCUTUM’s counting video solution can be used in a wide variety of applications to provide accurate occupancy counting, helping to manage building utilisation and space efficiencies.

  • InfoControl LuX – A customized surveillance management platform
  • Remote monitoring solution using thermal cameras for optimal protection of industrial sites
  • A counting video solution with multiple applications

Secure Connected SMBs

Easy to use and connected security, fire and building solutions

SCUTUM offers security solutions adapted to small and medium-sized businesses as well as residential and individuals and that address the needs of both mainstream and niche markets.

MyScutum provides SMBs and residential customers cost-effective, easy to use and connected security, fire and building solutions. Custos provides remote assistance solutions for elderly and dependent individuals, helping them stay at home.

Whether it is MyScutum, Custos or any other SCUTUM’s solutions for SMBs, SCUTUM offers total peace of mind.

  • With MyScutum, Alarms, heating, lights can be controlled on the go from a mobile phone or a tablet
  • MyScutum offer 24/7 high quality monitoring services for the assurance of a total protection
  • Pushing the SOS button on a Custos device makes it possible to get help as soon as possible
  • Custos' remote assistance operators will contact the person that has alerted them, a relative or the emergency services

Secure Connected Products

Placing innovation at the heart of security

The innovative, high quality products developed by SCUTUM are the backbone of all security systems and the assurance of an optimal protection.

SCUTUM works on number of products including thermal cameras, IP cameras and recorders: whatever products customers need, SCUTUM has it

LuX recorder

SCUTUM has developed LuX, an innovative system combining video recording and automation that not only simplifies projects, but also opens up numerous new application scenarios.

Thermal cameras

SCUTUM’s thermal cameras enables a precise and efficient detection on long distances, with vehicles detected up to 4,000 metres and individuals up to 1,300 metres. This enables a rapid intervention, if necessary, to limit all potential damages and losses.

IP cameras

SCUTUM’s IP cameras adopt several innovative technologies related to smart codec, smart detection and smart control. They are primarily designed to deliver innovative concept to the market and convey the idea of efficient security.

HD cameras

HD systems are capable of transmitting video over standard coaxial cabling – dramatically reducing the time, cost and complexity associated with other solution. HD systems are as simple to install and maintain as traditional solutions.

Video Recorders

SCUTUM’s video recorder offer consists of a wide range of DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder) or hybrid recorders (for analogue, HD and/or IP cameras).

Encoder, decoder & adapter

SCUTUM’s range of encoders, decoders and adapters meet these needs and is an indispensable complement to the consolidation of existing installations.


SCUTUM provides a full range of CCTV monitors, including BNC monitors (10’’ to 22’’), 22’’ Android touch screen and TFT monitor.

Connected Watch

SCUTUM’s connected watch, the all-in-one smart watch, gives elderly and disabled people a new independence, indoor and outdoor. The owner of the watch can be geo-localised by GPS, GPRS and Wi-Fi, while in case of a fall, pressing the SOS button puts the owner in contact with Custos’ remote assistance operators who will contact medical teams if necessary. The connected watch gives device owners - and their relatives and carers - total peace of mind.

Electronic Security

SCUTUM provides optimal tailored security solutions developed to prevent and protect infrastructure, goods, people and data. SCUTUM’s vertical knowledge, its strong market intelligence and permanent R&D efforts to develop innovative of products and software adapted to customers’ requirements make the group a trusted partner.

CCTV, access control, intrusion detection: all security functions are combined in an integrated system for optimal efficiency, monitored by SCUTUM’s certified, technologically advanced alarm receiving centres for a 24/7 remote protection of all sites. SCUTUM provides a dynamic, yet flexible solution, adapted to each of the companies’, industries’, sites’ requirements.