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A European Player

France – SCUTUM Electronique


Established in 1990, SCUTUM is the first independent security player in France providing security solutions to Enterprise, Public institutions, Defence and SMBs. SCUTUM provides a broad range of services from consulting and integration, to installation and maintenance, as well as remote monitoring services relying on its three APSAD-certified monitoring centres.

A European Player



A leading integrator of security systems and service provider in France for over 25 years, SCUTUM offers its clients - businesses and individuals - global security, remote surveillance and remote services solutions.

  • A wide range of expertise across many sectors: banking, administration, retail, industry, SMBs and individuals
  • Implementation of access control, CCTV and remote surveillance systems
  • A team of engineers, technicians and operators that designs and implements all security solutions.

1991 Creation of SCUTUM

30+ local agencies

A European Player



AAA offers a vast range of services, from catering for the small domestic burglar alarm system to the large commercial and industrial sites, installing monitored alarm systems, CCTV and Access Control.

  • Systems can be designed to suit customers’ needs
  • 24-hour maintenance back-up.

Created in 1992

A European Player

SCUTUM Incendie


A leading fire protection player in France, SCUTUM Incendie implements and maintains fire detection systems, access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance for sites whose activities require high levels of security and confidentiality.

  • Services to industrial and service companies, public buildings open, sensitive and strategic sites, SMBs
  • Installation and maintenance of electronic and mechanical fire equipment of government sites and large businesses
  • A strong national presence with the acquisition of Fire&Co (now SCUTUM Incendie Centre Sud) et SFI (now SCUTUM Incendie Bretagne).

1954 Creation of SCUTUM Incendie (then known as France Incendie)

18 agencies on the French national territory

A European Player

SCUTUM Security First


A reference in the field of safety and security information, Scutum Security First (SSF) is specialised in international risk prevention and management, providing companies with global solutions such as assistance for expatriated and traveling personnel.

  • A major partner of the business travel industry
  • A worldwide network of correspondents
  • The reference for information on all potential risks around the world

2000 creation of Securité Sans Frontières (SSF)

192 countries covered by SFF

A European Player



A leading player in the defence industry, Satif provides services to the industrial aerospace, marine and defence industries, including engineering, maintenance and equipment, training and quality control. Satif engineers can be deployed anywhere in the world, in no time.

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Expertise in on-site technical assistance and complex projects
  • ISO 9001 certified

1977 creation of Satif

A European Player



Orion Security develops technologies and solutions in video surveillance, intelligent video, burglar alarms, access control and fire detection systems. From consulting and designing the protection solutions to their operation through remote monitoring, and in addition to their installation and maintenance, the company offers a broad range of services.

  • A key player in the UK security market
  • National coverage
  • Serves large British corporations and public organisations

Part of the Scutum Group since 2015

A European Player

Active Security Group


Active Security Group provides Home, Retail and Commercial Electronic Security Systems across the UK.

  • A strong player in the UK market
  • A renown security expertise

1998 Creation of the company

2016 part of the SCUTUM Group

A European Player

Yeoman Monitoring Services


Yeoman Monitoring Services provides best-in class monitoring services tailored to customers’ needs. Many of YMS customers have grown from a handful of systems to tens, hundreds and even thousands of connections and the company has assisted them with that development over the last 30 years or so.

  • Combination of modern technology and skilled staff to provide best-in-class services
  • High targets regarding customer service levels
  • Smartphone access to engineering functions for real-time reporting

1987 Creation of the company

24/7 service

A European Player



Inform provides security solutions ranging from video monitoring to access control and biometrics. Today, it is the main player on the banking market and ensures office and ATM security in over 13,000 bank branches and large central office buildings of savings banks and mutual savings banks.

  • A historic national player in the German CCTV industry
  • A leading R&D team, behind the LuX solution
  • A renown player on the banking market

30+ years

13,000 financial institutions are protected by Inform

A European Player

Ceulemans Security


Ceulemans Security is an integrator of electronic security and fire protection solutions. Headquartered in Antwerp, Ceulemans Security provides installation, maintenance, and remote monitoring solutions.

  • National presence on the Belgian territory
  • Tailored solutions adapted to customers’ needs

1986 creation of the company

6 regional technical antennas

A European Player



GTC provides security solutions across the Netherlands. From CCTV solutions to access control and intrusion alarm systems, their installations and maintenance, GTC provides customers a tailored solution adapted to their needs.

  • A team expert of the Dutch market
  • All the latest technologies to meet customers’ needs

25+ years of expertise

2016 part of SCUTUM Group

A European Player

SCUTUM International


SCUTUM develops from its Research & Development centre located in Lausanne innovative security products. From IP cameras to thermal cameras, SCUTUM provides optimal solutions adapted to customers’ needs.

  • A team of experts on each segment’s solutions and products
  • In-house development of advanced solutions such as LuX
  • Sourcing of multiple products to respond to all customers’ needs

30+ products in the catalogue

A European Player

Switzerland – SCUTUM


SCUTUM develops from its Research & Development centre located in Lausanne innovative security products. From IP cameras to thermal cameras, SCUTUM provides optimal solutions adapted to customers’ needs.

European Player