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Extinguisher & Signage

Ensuring the safety of people

Fire signage and equipment are crucial to ensure the safety of staff and visitors and provide clear guidance in the event of an emergency.

SCUTUM provides a broad range of fire signs and equipment that respond to the needs of companies of all size and help ensure they comply with current legislation which states that all premises should clearly mark emergency exits and escape routes. SCUTUM’s fire expert team offers consulting services to ensure that buildings have adequate signage, optimally positioned.

SCUTUM also provides a range of extinguishers to cover all potential risks, offering companies installation and maintenance services. Extinguishers are a crucial first step in helping slow down or stop a fire.

  • A legal requirement
  • Signs indicate escape routes, emergency exits, first aid equipment, emergency showers…
  • A range of auxiliary and permanent pressure fire extinguishers available
  • Crucial measures to help save lives

Fire detection

Managing people safety, protecting data and assets

While a fire strategy should include fire prevention, automatic fire detection is essential, should a fire accidentally break out.

SCUTUM offers a broad range of services including consulting, installation and integration, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance services, specifically designed to meet customer’s needs.

With requirements depending on the type of companies, sites, industries, SCUTUM’s customised and integrated solutions and services are designed to respond to corporate, industrial and commercial needs.

  • Integrated, customised Fire detection solutions
  • Expertise in national and international fire standards
  • Close work with customers for optimal results

Smoke extraction

Saving people from deadly smoke and gases

In case of fire, smoke extraction is crucial to protect life and property as the fire's toxic fumes threaten people and assets.

The immediate extraction of smoke and heat can help contain a fire early enough to reduce any possible damage as a consequence of toxic fumes.

Natural, pneumatic or electric smoke extraction: SCUTUM installs and maintains different types of smoke extraction systems to ensure that the needs of each site are covered.

SCUTUM provides maintenance services, as well consulting and installation, to ensure that they are always in a working order.

  • Crucial to help contain fire and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Range of natural, pneumatic or electric smoke extraction systems
  • Extraction systems adapted to shopping and office centres, hospital facilities, production and storage spaces, underground structures...

Hydraulic engineering

Responding to complex hydraulic needs

Providing sufficient water for the protection of any hazard is critical to the successful containment or suppression of a fire.

Fire hose cabinet, dry riser, standpipe, fire hydrant: SCUTUM’s experts offers consulting, integration and installation, maintenance services to ensure that, in case a fire breaks out, buildings have all the necessary equipment to save lives and limit damage.

  • Years of expertise in designing hydraulic engineering systems
  • Range of solutions adapted to companies’ needs

Connected extinguishers

Pushing the boundaries of innovation

Other than the value they can offer to customers, connected fire extinguishers have a real potential to save lives and protect assets.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought a new perspective into fire protection and SCUTUM has been working on developing connected extinguishers, always pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide best-in fire protection service and products to customers.

Connected extinguishers offer amongst others tracking data (pressure, position & location, date of use.) that would help keep an inventory of the extinguishers and ensure that they are always in working order. Trackers could also signal if something is blocking access to the extinguishers or if one is removed. The potential of these connected extinguishers is important in terms of saving lives and this is why SCUTUM is investing in this technology

  • The assurance of fire extinguishers working and accessible in a time of need
  • 24/7 compliant
  • A guaranteed Return on Investment for customers

Connected fire detection

Monitoring fire with CCTV solutions

Real-time images enable to rapidly locate and evaluate the fire, and determine the appropriate response to contain it.

SCUTUM’s LuX solution enables to monitor fire by CCTV. The smart video solution help better manage employee safety, and protect data and assets with real time analysis of images for an immediate response if needed.

Temperature monitoring report are sent regularly to customers, and, should temperatures be above average, an alert is launched and contact is made immediately with customers. In case a fire is detected, images are immediately emailed to the designated team for a fast response. The fire is, as a result, located, its importance evaluated, and a targeted action can be organised.

An easy solution as existing equipment was be easily upgraded and the infrastructure is simplified.

  • An optimal combination of images at critical locations, IT data and data from fire detection systems for protection of assets and people
  • Remote fire alarm diagnostics
  • Video applications adapted to customers’ requirements
  • A cost-efficient fire detection solution

Connected knowledge

Sharing data for optimal results

As more data become available, a strong partnership between SCUTUM, customers and local authorities can make a difference when a fire breaks out and ensure a more efficient response.

SCUTUM’s certified monitoring centres ensure optimal fire protection. All data are shared between all players for an immediate response in case of fire detection: maps of the different systems, action plan. The monitoring centre can immediately analyse the location of the fire and coordinate this with the concerned customer.

SCUTUM’s privileged relationship with local and fire authorities, its knowledge of the situation based on data collected and its understanding of authorities’ needs to operate ensure a fast and efficient response.

  • 4 monitoring centres in Rouen, Toulouse, Rennes (in France) and Harlow (in the UK)
  • A 24/7, 7 days a week service
  • A faster response enabled by sharing data with fire authorities

Fire Protection

Fire regulations are constantly evolving and companies need to ensure that they have the most up-to-date protection. SCUTUM is the fire partner of industrial and service companies, buildings open to the public, and sensitive and strategic sites, providing consulting, installation and maintenance services.