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Are you a security company looking to expand your activity, by providing remote monitoring services requested by customers? Become a SCUTUM partner today.
SCUTUM, leading European player in safety-security, provides technological solutions of protection and risk prevention. Relying on four APSAD P3- and ISO 2001 V2008-certified alarm and assistance monitoring centres located in France (Toulouse, Rouen and Rennes) and in the United Kingdom (Harlow), SCUTUM provides a reliable 24/7 monitoring service.

Two types of partnerships

Solution for hosts

As a host, the remote monitoring contracts are under your company’s name and you need the legal authorisation from authorities such as Conseil national des activités privées de sécurité (CNAPS) to operate such services. SCUTUM accompanies your business by providing the top-quality services that your customers expect from your company.

  • You keep your autonomy
  • You oversee the deployment of the solution
  • You remain the key contact for your customers

Solution for business providers

If you do not have the legal authorisation to offer remote monitoring services, SCUTUM can help you to expand your business with a partnership as business provider. You can then offer your customers the possibility of remote monitoring services with SCUTUM as the provider. The contract is signed between your customers and SCUTUM.

  • You get the support of a strong brand
  • You let SCUTUM take care of the remote monitoring services – no need to get extra and potentially lengthy authorisations
  • You provide an added value service to your customers

The Scutum difference

  • Video verification of all alerts: should the treatment of images confirms an unexpected individual, the operator can contact rapidly the police forces.
  • Real-time update on the extranet SCUTUM Netscope so that you have all the information you need related to the protection of your customers.
  • The assurance of a 24/7 service with SCUTUM Availability Management (SAM), a solution supervising all security equipment and services installed on customers’ sites, and checking any potential failures or malfunction, ensuring an immediate response should there be any issue.
  • A teleassistance offer for elderly and dependent people with Custos.

The Scutum network

  • Over 300 partners already trust SCUTUM
  • The assurance of best-in class services provided to your customers
  • A technical and legal support
  • A strong relationship based on trust and professionalism