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Inform everyone

Information is vital in assessing a company’s risks

Companies are now facing new responsibilities with regards to information and risk management

SCUTUM Security First (SSF) has set up daily email alert service that helps them meet these obligations, as well as take full corporate social responsibility for their employees. SSF Locator provides companies with a global view of their employees’ movements and allow them to communicate with each other via email and/or text message.

The SSF E-learning platform was designed for all employees planning to travel abroad for professional reasons, and who need to learn appropriate attitudes to adopt during international business trips especially in low-risk countries, substantial risk countries and high-risk countries.

  • Daily email alert service
  • Analysis of security threats in 192 countries
  • 4,000 recipients of alerts
  • Most customers from CAC 40
  • 300+ travel agencies connected
  • E-learning platform to anticipate risks

Alert everywhere

Taking full responsibility for their employees travelling around the world

Travel tracking can be a life saver, locating employees in case of an emergency.

SSF Locate Me is a GPS geolocation system available as a mobile phone app, which can be used independently or in addition to the SSF Locator solution.

The app, available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, is primarily based on three functions: a mobile phone, a management interface and notifications sent to executives.

Employees on business trips equipped with SSF Locate Me can use their smartphones to send their position, activate auto-tracking, send a medical SOS or send a security SOS.

  • Notifications are dispatched via the phone data or by text message in fail-safe mode
  • Notifications are sent to people designated by companies
  • Potential locations transmitted by employees can be followed on a monitoring interface
  • A 24/7 response to any incident by SCUTUM’s Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Analyse everything

Providing additional information on a specific topic

An in-depth analysis of national developments is crucial for companies with an interest or a presence in that country

SCUTUM Security First’s information and analysis department produces additional safety and security information targeting a specific region, country, city, or even based on a particular subject. From the creation of one-off information files or situation-monitoring to analytical reports supported by field investigations, in addition to periodical situation assessments, SSF provides all kinds of services for specific information.

  • 3 possible formats for situation monitoring: one-off report on a specific question (under 24 hours), fixed schedule reports and regular reports
  • Possibility of analytical reports for in-depth study into a country, a region or the environment of future projects

Design by experts

Responding to the complexity of today’s engineering projects

Satif’s 30 years of experience confirms the company as a leading provider of engineering solutions

Engineering projects are becoming increasingly complex and often require external support. SCUTUM’s entity, Satif, has the know-how required to meet customers’ expectations and requirements on the engineering market and offers a range of engineering solutions in tune with the complexity of today’s market.

  • Team of experts, available to travel all around the world
  • A fast and optimal solution to any engineering challenges
  • A broad range of engineering solutions and services available

Assistance by experts

Supporting engineering projects abroad

Satif’s team of experts know better than anyone the complexity of an engineering project, and this, even more when abroad

The management of engineering projects, when abroad, can be a difficult task and Satif, a SCUTUM company, provides on-site technical assistance. Satif’s skilled staff works as part as the team on the ground to ensure a successful project.

  • A team of experts available to travel around the world, immediately
  • A team used to work abroad and aware of local working habits
  • A team used to work under tight deadlines
  • Integration of the Satif’s team within the customer’s own team

Recruitment by experts

Finding the right person with the right skills

Satif’s years of experience enables the company to have a different approach when recruiting engineers

Engineering projects can be complex and finding the right people is not always an easy task, especially for technical positions. Satif, a SCUTUM company, has a perfect understanding of engineering needs and can therefore support companies in the often-difficult process of recruiting the right person.

  • A team of recruiters with engineering background that understand inside out the requirements of any industrial company recruiting
  • A close cooperation with customers for best results

Training by experts

Getting the best out of your engineers

Satif experts train your engineers to ensure a successful project

From process and product engineering, aerodynamics, telecommunications electronics and software to operations and maintenance, Satif experts train engineers to ensure a successful project.

  • A training by a team of experts with an in-depth understanding of the complexity of engineering projects
  • A flexible solution for an optimisation of the customers’ human resources

Risk Management

The identification and assessment of risks related to a company's activities is now an integral part of its development strategy. Their methodical treatment enables to reduce and control the probability of events and to reduce the possible impact of these events.